Episode 97: Changes in Laxatives

Show Notes:
Recorded Wednesday, March 4 2009 (10:00 PM - 11:30 PM) at Zodiac Racquet Club, Southgate MI
    “Some news, some banter, some making fun of Greg. You know, the usual. (Cameo by Jennifer.) (The Roger Clyne podcast starts at 15:46.)

    01:35 - well...they're not exactly new.  It's the same design, but the material is now light gray instead of white, which we all agree looks better.
    03:00 - Mike is cruising for a lawsuit from North Coast Brewing Co
    03:41 - Ambassador Bridge
    04:10 - Senior Walking Club does more than boost the heart rate, from the North Andover Citizen
    04:45 - inspired by Hud's playlist idea, here are some other song titles we came up with (the following day, via e-mails):

Mike's Senior Citizen Playlist:
      Everybody's Got a Grandson in Miami
      Far Side of the Room
      Growing Older But Not Up
      Hot Flash at Sunset
      If It All Falls Down
      My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink, and I'm Really Old
      Off To See The Doctor
      Pirate Looks at 80
      Please Bypass This Heart
      Sending The Old Man Home
      Who's The Grey Stranger
      Why Don't We Get Drunk and Sleep

Schmoe's Senior Citizen Playlist:
      If It All Falls Down (and I Can't Get Up)
      Wonder Why We Ever Go To The Home
      A Salty Piece of Baked Fish
      Once In a Lifetime
      Ensure Blues
      Beyond the End
      Some Old People Can Dance
      Metamucil Si Agua No
      Livin’ It Up
      Doris Talks To Statues
      Son of a Son of a Son of a Sailor
      Last Man Standing
      Makin' Music For Oatmeal

Mickey's Senior Citizen Playlist:
      My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink, My Back is Sore, My Arthritis is Acting Up, I've Got This Pain Running Up My Left Side, and What's With the Kids These Days and All Those Piercings
      Stories We Can't Remember
      The Captain and the Kidney Stone
      A Thousand Steps to Nowhere
      Blue Haired Girl
      Sea of Hipbreak
      That's What Living Was to Me

    05:56 - Newsday story on Richard Fields
    07:28 - Zachary Richard on MySpace and Zachary Richard's official site
    08:27 - "Hearing Begins On Ticketmaster Live Nation Merger", from FMBQ.com
    10:04 - for the record, the song had been peformed three times previously, according to the Buffett News song database
    12:04 - Live from Key West, available at Mailboat Records
    12:20 - my memory still fails me.  Buffett News states the song was last performed in 1992!

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