“I cranked up, and they went crazy”

    Buffett World says there’s a TIME interview with Jimmy Buffett.  I paged through my copy but didn’t find it anywhere.  Evidently, it’s a web-exclusive, as far as I can tell.  It’s a good read; and I was pleased to see he mentions the Comerica Park concert at the end:

I mean, who gets to do this?  Detroit went bankrupt, and on the next day we sold 41,000 tickets.  And I went, “What the hell am I gonna say?”  I’ve always appreciated Michigan audiences, they’ve always been there for me, so I just got up and said, look, there’s a lot of great people in this city and state, you’ve got a good future ahead and why not start the next year with a party?  And I cranked up, and they went crazy.

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