Our VHS Tape Library

    Sadly, we did not record a show last night.  It wasn’t due to low attendance, it wasn’t due to technical problems.  We even had an agenda, not least of which was to say goodbye to Captain Tony, who passed away on November 1.  Despite all this, it became apparent that are plans would be a no-go and we ended up not recording.
    We’re very sorry about letting another week go by without a new episode, and Schmoe had spent the morning sending out e-mails detailing new plans and projects.  I have plans for new content too, and since I couldn’t announce it in the podcast I might as well announce it here.  Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the

Wastin' Away On the North Coast VHS Tape Library

It’s a collection of Jimmy’s TV appearances we have archived on our old VHS tapes, dating back to 1984, dating back to Jimmy’s mustache.  This is stuff that not even Buffett World and Buffett News have.
    You can access the videos at our own page: http://www.wastinaway.net/videos
    or our page at Vimeo (though the collection is not complete)
    or at Viddler (even less complete)
    or even at YouTube (albeit in lesser quality, and excepting any videos over ten minutes long).
    This has been some weeks in the offing and I hope it makes up for the lack of a new episode.  If I may make a recommendation, why not check out how young we look in this 1989 video.  It’s almost like watching our first podcast.  You can see we haven’t changed much, except maybe for the giant glasses.

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