Party at the Start of the Tour

    Schmoe makes margaritas for the first time.  Mike plays an old out-of-tune guitar.  We intended to celebrate the first night of the 2006 tour by drinking Twisted Teas, making margaritas, keeping an eye on the Pistons game, and recording a podcast.  We accomplished all of those ... except the podcast.

    Granted, it’s no Tiki Bar TV, but we still had fun making it.
    ...And we even got our first review on iTunes that night too!  Too bad it was only one star.  (Speaking of which, not that a certain “Twinkles” would care, a slightly longer version of the above [with synched audio] is available in our podcast feed.)
    P.S.: video remastered on July 8 to a more appropriate aspect ratio.

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  1. Yes, Schmoe is wearing a different t-shirt at the end of this video.  I don’t know why the IMDb “Goofs” page has to make such a big deal about it.  It’s not a continuity problem.  He changed off-camera, so what.

    Posted by Mickey on 06/08  at  09:41 PM
  2. For those keeping score, the first offering was my University of Michigan Official Football Game T-Shirt from the 2003 season along with regular jean shorts.  This was straight-from-the-roller-hockey-game clothing.  I soon changed (footage missing) into an ensemble of tropical long shorts of some kind that I always wear when I feel Buffetty and my new Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers original “Pendejo” t-shirt (birthday gift from Mike) to match the tequila-fueled mood.

    Perhaps, as word-of-mouth spreads and interest grows, you may find these outfits up for auction on eBay soon.  Keep checking.

    Posted by Schmoe on 06/09  at  07:28 AM
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