Rock of M’Ville

    There were rumors in the parking lot that Bret Michaels had shown up in a limo and would be guesting onstage.  Amazingly, Michaels actually did show up on stage, singing with Jimmy on “Margaritaville”.  I tried to record the whole thing, but the best my iPhone 3G can shoot is at best about 6 frames a second.  (Figures the brand new iPhone 4 can shoot in 720p, but wouldn’t be released till two days later).  Luckily the “Margarillas” shot the song right from the stage and shared the video on Facebook and YouTube.  The funny thing is the camera is facing our section of the crowd.  If you look close enough (and you know whom to look for), you can spot me, Mike, and Mike’s sister and brother-in-law.

    Update [6/30]: another video of this event has been posted, this time on’s Coconut Television page (found via Buffett World).  Don’t mind that “Bret Michaels sings Margaritaville at Alpine Valley” caption; it’s still Pine Knob on Tuesday.  (Also available in the Margaritaville and Bret Michaels channels on YouTube channel, but in a 4x3 square.  Resized to a proper 16x9 here…)

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