Retrieved by popular demand from the comments of Episode 30, here’s another Schmoetail recipe:

2 oz. Reposado Tequila,
1½ oz. Triple Sec,
3 oz, Sweet & Sour Mix (Mr. & Mrs. T is the best, believe it or not),
2 oz. or so 7-Up,
2 tsp. Bar Syrup or Sugar or Cane Sugar,
Half of lemon and lemon slice,

Fill tall glass with ice.  I mean a tall glass.  Lots of ice cubes.  Put at least one lemon slice in amongst the ice.  Squeeze half a lemon into shaker along with some ice.  After you are done squeezing, place the poor little pathetic looking juiced half-lemon into the shaker as well.  Take my word for it.  Shake everything but the 7-Up in the shaker.  (Schmoe has to admit he once—just ONCE—shook with the 7-Up inside and it took all his might to keep the shaker from exploding with energy generated from the carbonation.)  As you pour into the tall glass (remember the tall glass?), pour some 7-Up into the glass at the same time—just a couple ounces.  This can save the whole need to stir if you pour together since the glass is so tall and filled with so many ice cubes and you may want to get right to enjoying the drink as soon as possible.  Sip and enjoy, preferably out on a pool deck, in the sun, or the shade, or something like that.

On the North Coast, we also enjoy inside, during the winter months, which is about eight of them, while we pretend we are outside in the sun, wearing sun glasses, on vacation, listening to Buffett, and enjoying our refreshment.  It doesn’t take much to get us doing that.  Anyway, back to the drink.  It is refreshing and surprisingly much like the fresh lemonade you get at fairs in the summer, with one difference, our concoction has tequila.  I imagine that you can probably use rum or something like that.  Possibly a lemon or lime essenced rum or vodka, that is, if you are not man enough for tequila.
{Based on a few tequila/lemonade type recipes out there}

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