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    Despite what we said earlier, it looks like there will be no new show this week.  Schmoe and Mike are heading to Roger Clyne’s Circus Mexicus, and Schmoe needs time to prep on how to say “Puerto Peñasco”.  We’ll have a new show next week, where we can discuss our fantasy setlists, and, presumably, hear stories of Mexico.
    Update: Text messages from Schmoe, sent Friday, May 16:

We were able 2 go to m’ville cafe glendale  so we can charge trip 2 scott’s paypal acct

I am making… Waffles!

    Update update: now that Mike and Schmoe are back, we found out the reason Schmoe’s IMs stopped so prematurely.

First of all, I must tell everyone that my cell just plain stopped working in and around the border.  No chance at Cholla Bay.  I would have loved to keep my texts going.  Especially if Mick was going to run his own Twitter site for me on our blog, it would have been funny to see them in order.  At least for me it would have been.  I apologize for starting some hours later than I should have and then ending abruptly.

    Update update update: photos from the trip are now available in our Photo Gallery.

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