Schmoe’s Travels: Day 2

8:16 AM:
    ➤   Schmoe: My hotel has a robe for me #firsttimeever #schmoeoutofwater

8:59 AM:

“While relieving myself of my first drink”
“Never thought I would ever see this in person #gregwasfirst #schmoeoutofwater”

9:22 AM:

Sand.   I love sand.   #makingfistswithmytoes #schmoeoutofwater

9:23 AM:

9:29 AM:

“Where I will be hanging out today…all day…the flag is for when you want someone to give you something…this is something completely new to me #poolononesideoceanontheother #schmoeoutofwater”

9:47 AM:

“They give you binoculars with breakfast here
I would like to live where you use binoculars during meals #schmoeoutofwater”

    ➤   Mike: You can do that now.  Just won’t see much.

    ➤   Schmoe: Good point.


10:25 AM:

“The special lounge-chair-feet-from-both-ocean-and-pool-phone-holder is NOT iPhone 6+ compliant #firstworldproblems #schmoeoutofwater #gettingcocky”

    ➤   Mike: Dammit.  Trip is ruined.


2:41 PM:
    ➤   Schmoe: I like drinking in the middle of the day

3:17 PM:

“Landshark bucket and my newly exfoliated hand
#seasaltscrubinpublicrestrooms #schmoeoutofwater”

4:58 PM:

5:22 PM:

“Face timing my daughter
Conch fritters with spicy sauce
Lobster roll
Mint Julep
Time for Kentucky Derby


5:31 PM:
    ➤   Schmoe: I just gave a ten dollar tip
    ➤   Schmoe: for a $12 mint julep.
    ➤   Schmoe: And it tastes awesome.

7:50 PM:
    ➤   Schmoe: Just won $200 in a Derby pool
    ➤   Schmoe: #onlywininkeywest #donttellirs
    ➤   Schmoe: #schmoeoutofwater #schmoeacclimating

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