As requested, here are the recipes for the drinks appearing in our recent video.  We hope to add more to this list as we come up with them.

Christmas Tequila
1 fifth Blanco Tequila,
1-2 small boxes Raisins,
3-4 sticks Cinnamon Sticks,

Prepare at least three months before you plan on drinking (i.e. you may use Labor Day as a guide to concoct for Christmastime or Winter Solstice or New Year’s or Guys’ Shopping Night or any other of the appropriate December holidays).  Use your favorite brand of tequila.  Real tequila.  The 100% de Agave stuff.  Blanco.  Silver.  Whatever your brand calls it.
    Open the bottle and pour some out into a clean and worthy receptacle to be retrieved in a few moments.  Drop in the raisins and the cinnamon sticks.  Re-fill the Christmas Tequila bottle with whatever was poured out earlier.  If not all fits, it’s your lucky day!  Shoot it down in your favorite manner to celebrate the moment.  Date the bottle and even number it with the Julian date if you so desire.  Close, put in very back of liquor cabinet, and let it rest at least three months.  Plan party around the three month mark and share with friends.
    Terrific sipping neat, chilled from a shaker, or over ice.  Try rimming your glass of choice with cinnamon and sugar.  Fits into a Cinnamon Girl smartly.  Also goes great in egg nog, especially the farther down the bottle you go.  Try other variations.  What the heck?  It’s the Holidays!
{Credit for this idea goes to, since this is where I heard it first.}

Schmoe Nog
1½ oz. Christmas Tequila,
4 oz. Egg Nog (from dairy section of supermarket is fine),
½ oz. Hot Damn Cinnamon Schnapps (optional),

Pour egg nog into crystal cup.  Poor tequila into the egg nog and stir.  Enjoy this sweet treat.
Cinnamon Girl
2oz. Christmas Tequila,
1/2 oz. Orange Juice,
1 oz. Rose’s Lime Juice,
1/2 oz. Cointreau,
1 Cinnamon Stick,

Rim glass with cinnamon sugar
Place cinnamon stick in glass
{Credit for this recipe goes to the Cabo Wabo site}

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