There’s Nothing Soft About Hard Teas, Part 2

    I promised a review of the new Margaritaville products that I stumbled upon in Florida last week, so here you go:
    Margaritaville Spiked Tea:  Kind of a tea-like flavor.  Lightly carbonated.  On the sweet side.  I found it to be quite refreshing.  Great right from the bottle or over ice.  This product is more like Mike’s Hard Iced Tea than it is like Twisted Tea.  If I had to rank it among these, I would put it after Twisted Tea and before Mike’s.  I would buy this again.
    Margaritaville Spiked Lemonade:  Not as sweet as some competitors.  In fact, I found it to have a bitter edge to it.  Descent lemon flavor comes through.  Lightly carbonated.  I didn’t care for the first one I had.  I would not be able to drink a few of these in a row.  Later in the week I gave it another chance over ice.  That was better.  Definitely more refreshing that way.  Not sure I would buy this again, but wouldn’t turn one down if someone offered it.  I would add ice though.
    There you have it.  Keep an eye out for it when shopping.  Maybe it will be in Michigan soon.  I would be interested in your opinions too.

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