Wind in Our Sails

    I was trying to spruce things up a bit last night, and I guess I broke the column display (for those using IE).  It took me all day today, but I figured out what the problem was; so the page should be looking proper now.  Also, I finally got our XML feed so that iTunes will display our (temporary) feed art.
    P.S.: Don’t forget you can drop us line at ladi34t AT shortfatguy DOT com.  (The “ladi34t” of course refers to the title Livin’ and Dyin’ in ¾ Time.)  Or you can Skype us at “shortfatguyonline”.  Or leave a message at our phone line: 774-221-7346.  That’s 774-221-S.F.G.O.
    We’re glad to have you along for the ride.
    P.S.: And how ’bout that new podcast player?!  (Thanks to Jeroen Wijering, “Eric”, and The Tyron Effect! [né “Where’s Your Tyron”] for help with setting it up.)
    P.P.S: scrap the e-mail information.  The address is still good, but to keep us from having to explain “ladi34t” every podcast, we’ve set up an easier address for your comments and criticisms: northcoast AT shortfatguy DOT com.  And, seriously, how ’bout that new podcast player?  Isn’t it cool?!

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